I love to draw. I've always drawn growing up and right after school I entered a career in graphic and web design. I love design and I am grateful for all I learned but the purpose of this site is to draw and chase my dream. You'll find my concepts and drawings here.




A designer carries the responsibility of conveying wholesome aesthetics to the hungry eyes of an insatiable audience.


The creative journey of mastering pencils, paints, pixels and polygons to exercise my preferred medium: my mind.


Critical thinking, lightning-fast responses and competitive edge to succeed. It's not just about winning but doing so... in style.

Getting down to business.


I've got 12+ years working professionally in this industry as a graphics and web designer. You know what design is? It's solving a problem. I love dissecting problems and creating solutions.


I pride myself in having, what I believe to be, an incredibly complex yet balanced form of thinking that can embrace creative and technical processes without hindering either.

  • Creative Direction
  • Web Design
  • Graphic Design
  • Illustration
  • Painting



To create games you've got to love games. And I LOVE games.
Here are the games I'm currently playing.

Diablo 3: RoS


Wow, what a turn around! After several changes, improvements and new features... this is starting to get fun!

Rocksmith 2014


With this and my new Epiphone '66 Wilshire. I'm hopefully going to finally learn how to play the guitar.

WildStar Online


I love, love, love the creative direction this title has taken since I was introduced to it back at PaxEast 2013.



This has been one of the most refreshing games I've played in a while. Highly addictive and wonderfully designed.
As a kid
Playing games was an adventurous escape.

That chance to do things greater than you can ever imagine.

As an adult
I love creating new concepts and ideas.

I want to bring my ideas to life.



As much as I love graphic and web design and how incredibly helpful it's been to me in my life - I am chasing a dream: I want to make games.


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That feeling of growth. Wow. I love it. You really do have to work and get every ugly drawing out of you. You can’t get it right the first time each and every time. Truthfully, I might have given up too soon of certain drawings. I decided not to listen ...


Nothin’ but love

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I’ve been applying like a madman. Job hunting. It’s always a painful endeavor; always so heavy on emotions and expectations. I’ve applied to every company with a relevant opening and even reached out to a handful that didn’t have any. Companies and organizations that a helped shaped this dream of ...


Always make time.

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How embarrassing! I just realized that I have not created any posts as of late or at the very least send out a formal update. In my defense, I got married again.. to the same woman of course. With all the chaos that comes with planning a wedding (even if ...


A Shift

05-Apr / Personal / 0 COMMENTS

Months ago when I decided to step away from all the stylesheets, HTML, picas, trims, crops and bleeds – I was excited.   I had decided to go back to doing what I love to do: drawing.   Now it had been a long time since I had actively participated ...


Becoming Immortal

04-Apr / Professional / 0 COMMENTS

Ha, okay so the title’s a bit out there. I apologize for that.   As some of you may know I’m working on a personal tabletop game. Majority of the work I do is based off of reference models.   So here’s my offer.   You can either arrange to ...



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The weeks following after PAX East were filled with energy and creativity.   The good news? I’ve got a project in hand that I’m incredibly excited about. It’s a tabletop game that I’ve been concocting for sometime now. It’s got some exciting themes and mechanics.   The bad news? I ...


PAX East 2013: Day Two & Three

26-Mar / Professional / 0 COMMENTS

Hotel WiFi failed me in getting this post out in time. I apologize.   Day Two at PAX started off with goals in mind.   The Impact of Video Game Design Techniques on Boardgames. This panel included:   Russ Wakelin (Moderator, The D6 Generation Podcast) Christopher Badell (Design Director, Greater ...


PAX East 2013 : Day One

22-Mar / Professional / 0 COMMENTS

Back at the hotel, just had a shower and relaxing my tired feet.   Today was great. We didn’t make it to the Blizzard announcement because of massive lines but we were waiting right next door readying up for Crystal Dynamics’ panel: “Recreating an Icon: The Talent Behind the New ...


PAX East 2013!

21-Mar / Professional / 0 COMMENTS

Boston! First time in this city. My wife (Raj), my assistant (Andrew), his girlfriend (Charlene) and I just had dinner over at Neptune Oyster. The wait was incredibly long but the food was great!   Anyways, we’re in town for PAX East (Penny Arcade Expo) being held at the Boston ...


AVN-online.com is live!

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  • I'd never create anything before I’ve seen who it was for and how they will be using it.

    Anthony Vinh Nguyen // avn-online.com

  • Art is like masturbation. It is selfish and introverted and done for you and you alone. Design is like sex. There is someone else involved, their needs are just as important as your own, and if everything goes right, both parties are happy in the end.

    Colin Wright

  • Practice safe design: Use a concept.



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